Portland Head Lighthouse Stained Glass

Portland Head Lighthouse Stained Glass

Portland Head Lighthouse Stained Glass

This stained glass panel measures 20" wide x 16" high.

This lighthouse was built in 1791 and is the oldest one in Maine.
It has a white conical tower, a charming Victorian keeper's
house with a rambling red roof and eyebrow eves on the porch.
A commanding setting at the southwest entrance to Portland
harbor and beautifully landscaped grounds. It was commissioned
by George Washington and dedicated by the Marquis de Lafayette.

We used a seldom seen angle for our design so you can see
a better view of the keepers house. Most of the glass we used
if Spectrum Pearl Opal glass.

We have finished the cut, grind and foil phases.
We will solder, patina and polish soon. We will
post a finished image when it is completed.

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