Above Down Inside Out Stained Glass Sun Catcher

Above Down Inside Out Stained Glass Sun Catcher
Above Down Inside Out Stained Glass Sun Catcher

Below is an Above Down Inside Out Stained Glass Sun Catcher that we custom made for our
friends at Family Chiropractic Works in Hackettstown, NJ. Working with Stained Glass has caused
my body to require some adjustments and I am feeling much healthier after the help they provided.

"Above-Down, Inside-Out” is a statement of chiropractic philosophy. It is the original phrase and
philosophy of the Palmers, who founded chiropractic.
What it means is that the brain is the control
center of the body, it is the “Above.” The control of the body comes from the “Above” then travels
“Down” into the entire body on the “Inside” and finally flows to the “Outside.” The “Outside” is a
flowing of energy to affect the world around us.
It refers to the functioning of the nervous system
and its manifestations. The more you know about the nervous system, the more you can appreciate
 the phrase
"Above-Down, Inside-Out”.

This project was a bit of a challenge since each piece of glass required the use of a band saw.
Foiling sharp angles is also not something to be looked forward to, so it was more than a simple
project. We took some artistic license with the basic design to make it more colorful by adding
chakra colors that correspond to the more preferable colors on the Plutchik Emotion Color Wheel.

Below are the sources of the colors used:
Chakra Colors
Blue - Throat
Green - Heart
Yellow - Solar Plexus
Orange - Sacral
Red - Base
Plutchik Emotion Colors
Blue: Amazement & Surprise
Green: Admiration, Trust & Acceptance
Yellow: Joy & Serenity
Orange: Anticipation & Vigilance

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